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Reminder: Trump, Not Bolton, is the President

Nor has President Trump answered the question begged by Candidate Trump. Trump has castigated Bush’s band of reckless regime-changers as charlatans undeserving of power. On the other hand, he has named one of Bush’s most controversial deputies, Ambassador John Bolton, as his national security adviser.

"Bolton thought Pompeo’s top priority was not getting crosswise with the President because that might hurt his political ambitions." Pompeo allies were relieved to see Bolton go.

Let's not forget who's leading the anti-Iran clown show. U.S. President Donald Trump 's national security adviser, John Bolton, has given paid speeches. Why has it failed to explicitly remind the Trump administration of this?

"When the Taliban tried to gain negotiating advantage by conducting terror attacks inside of the country, President Trump.

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U.S. President Donald Trump has fired national security adviser John Bolton amid disagreements with the hard-line aide over how to handle foreign policy challenges such as North Korea, Iran.

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But the ongoing whiplash over Trump’s Syria policy is a reminder that Bolton is not perfectly in sync with the president. Who can be? Trump tries out ideas on advisers, friends and even guests at Mar-a-Lago before making decisions, only to change his mind on a dime.

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Trump Fired John Bolton For Not Being Pro-Taliban Enough A Majority Of Americans Now Favor A Mandatory Buyback Of Assault Weapons Trump Is Undermining US Intel Networks So They Can’t Gather.

Mr. Trump and Bolton differed on whether Bolton offered to resign or was effectively fired differ. The president announced on Twitter that his top national security official had resigned at his.

In an exclusive interview on Tuesday, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power sharply criticized President Donald Trump’s ouster of National Security Advisor John Bolton.

WASHINGTON – Among those unlikely to be mourning John Bolton’s departure as U.S. President. not been the only target of North Korean rhetoric. North Korea’s official media has repeatedly denounced.

Reminder: Trump, Not Bolton, is the President May 15, 2019 East" military plans against Iran, in echoes of Iraq war "as fake news .. Zarif’s arrival in Biarritz appeared to be a covert initiative by French President Emmanuel Macron, a senior european. trump has told this lie over and over again because he has brain problems.